Denise Roobol, a vegan brand from Rotterdam, since 2013. All of her  products are made of vegan Microfiber, a material that is made from pressed fibers. The material has a strong coating, which protects it against sunlight and water. Beautiful handbags for modern women.
Ölend is a handmade backpacks brand founded in Barcelona by Adriana Dumon, Fran Rios & Antonio Longás in late 2012. The story behind Ölend is about travelling, is about challenges. It is inspired by the spirit of the mountaineers from the 40’and 50’s. All of their items are exclusive and there are not two identical backpacks. Ölend is a commited supporter of high quality product, 100% local and made with patience and care.
YKRA backpacks and accessories are handcrafted with care in Hungary, from the finest quality materials, inspired by the vintage mountaineering gear of the 70’s. Colorful, vintage style backpacks, that don’t just look good but are also functional for everyday use.

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